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Privacy Information
When you get off on Big Beaver, your privacy and the security of your valuable personal information is of the utmost importance to us.

No personal data that is entered on this site, including credit card information, will be shared with or sold to any person or organization not affiliated with or necessarily involved with the fulfillment of your order.

When entering credit card and other information necessary for order fulfillment, your information will be transmitted using the Pay Pal Service. Pay Pal is the premier Secure Purchase provider for small businesses. Pay Pal is owned by EBay and considers your privacy as important as we do here at Exit69 Ltd.

Your credit card information will be transmitted to and from Pay Pal using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, encrypting your information before it leaves your computer and only decrypting the information once it reaches Pay Pal's server. Your credit card information will be securely encoded so that you can feel comfortable knowing that it cannot be read by anyone but those persons necessary for fulfilling your order.

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